“Honestly, watching the excitement that oozed out of you all when taking videos and photos was infectious. I’m totally envious but in a good way, not a green eyed monster type way. So much so it really made me think a LOT about the direction in which I’m going and what I can do to give me that same excited feel of just getting things right. We always bang on about knowing, finding, working with our “ideal clients” but yesterday for me was also about aligning with my ideal suppliers too and realising that if I want to do things differently then I have to be ok with saying no” – Danielle.

Hustle Hard Werkshop hit Bristol yesterday and holy hell was it uh-mazzzzing. We love the intimate vibe this workshop had, it’s so important to us to not only give people a little more confidence in their badass vision but to feel like we’re all part of a team of hustlers. The people we’ve met along the way at these kill us more every time, UGHHH how can there be so many amazing people out there?! It means everything to us to be able to “teach” you what we’ve learnt along the way and hope it helps you with your unique businesses. It’s all about finding your own style, being different from everyone else, and running wild with it. 

A million thank you’s to Through the woods we ran for taking these amazing photos + documenting the day so perfectly. + obvs to our models Jimi + Tave – y’all made us so proud we could explode.