“I have no chill, just yesterday I got to fan girl over some badass boss babes who I’ve admired for a long time. The Costa Sisters Werkshop came to my friggin’ hometown + it was what dreams are made of! Learning from two babes that made it happen was a gift + then getting to shoot their beautiful friends alongside them was even better. There were some ridiculously incredible creatives at this workshop, I was honoured to even be in the same business as some of them, and loved getting to hang with incredible people making beautiful shit across America. Thanks for picking our tiny little town for your first American workshop babes!” – OMG Caitlin.

HOLY HELL. we got to take our HUSTLE HARD WERKSHOP on tour to Indianapolis, IN and despite being nervous AF it was such a killer day. Everyone loved our “LUSH, BRILL, BANGIN” accents and we got to make such magic in our airbnb – WHILST eating pizza + drinkin’ wine. Every hustler killed the interactive shoot + we’ve been literally blown away by everyones photos from the day. we made some mad memories + celebrated with burgers with everyone afterwards. Fingers crossed we get to bring the workshop to another state soon.

Can we just take a minute to swoon over those photos of Kris + Martha by @abbeyelainephotography. OH. MY. GOD.

“The hustlehardwerkshop really was all that and a bag of chips. After stalking The Costa Sisters for literally months waiting for workshop info and then being almost too nervous to get on a plane and do the damn thing, actually being there amongst the pure perfection that is those ladies and the other photographers that went was seriously a highlight. Several times I had to stop and make sure like, erm is this real? and then it was and it was a dream.” @breyphoto. You’re KILLING us.

Obvs, we LOVE hustling and if you want us to come to you, DM us upppppp!